Show me that you’re human,you won’t break,
Cause we’re all broken,we all end up alone
 - The Jellyfish Song
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Okay, literally played on a kid’s keyboard and recorded with a potato, but here it is: an interpretation of the Jellyfish song sung by Clear in the last dmmd episode!

The melody is almost identical to Scarborough Fair for some reason, it was hard to find new chords for it.


ive been thinking about stuf.f.. 

its hard to cut hair with a gas mask onz


tbh there are literally only like three people in the world who i can hang out with for more than four or five hours without wanting to strangle them


Rise and Shine Buddy!


Rise and Shine Buddy!

"Aomine, cleaning isn't over yet."
"Aomine, cleaning isn't over yet."


It was such a warm day and I still think about the plants I saw a lot.

(」゜ロ゜)」 ∑(O_O;) <[ run!!! ]